Monday Musings: What’s Important?

As 2019 is coming to a close, I keep thinking about what is important to me. In 2018, I committed to saying no and not adding new responsibilities to my plate. As I reflect upon those last two years, I did okay. Moving in 2020, I want to do more than okay.

The crackdown came hard core this month. What’s is most important to me is my family. I cleared my December calendar and have been putting them first. I’m so glad I did. It has lifted my spirits. Most importantly, focusing on what is really important helped me see what wasn’t. To spend more time with my family, I had to take items off of my calendar. The meetings that were easy for me to cancel were probably ones I am less passionate about. Passion is important. Passion helps drives me and help me stay committed even when a task is tough.

I also think about the events or committees I’m involved in where I show up and wonder why I’m still participating or I’m continually not interested. Those committments aren’t worth my time.

Don’t feel like you have to wait until Jan 1, 2020 to make changes; start right now. I have been ending commitments left and right and holding firm to walking away. My time and talent is to valuable to be wasted. I have more important ways to fill my time, more important people.

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