Monday Musings: September Writing & Podcast Review

The first Monday Musing of each month, I used to post a review of my writings, vlogs, and podcast episodes. The last time I did this was for July. I’m getting back on track. Some of my readers reached out and expressed they missed the review. Thanks for the feedback. Here are my thoughts from the month of September.

9/26/2019 Parents, Are Your Prepared for School Conference Time?
9/25/2019 When Your Child Becomes a Victim of Bullying
9/22/2019 Indiana College Go! Week
9/21/2019 Why is Black Hair Still Being Policed?
9/15/2019 When Teachers Traumatize Students at School
9/13/2019 Teachers Need to Keep High Expectations Even When There’s a Full Moon
9/11/2019 9/11: Tackling Tough Topics in the Classroom
9/8/2019 Grandparent Support is Needed in Education
9/5/2019 No Matter the Assessment, Indiana Schools Struggle to Close the Achievement Gap
9/3/2019 Give Students the Freedom to Choose What They Read
9/24/2019 Five Ways to Brighten the School Day
9/4/2019 Don’t Blindly Follow Edu-Celebrities

I recorded the following episodes last month:

Episode 21: The Five Ps of the Parent/Teacher Conference

Episode 20: A Crucial Conversation about Assessment in the Classroom

Episode 19: Focus on What You Can Control

Episode 18: When Students Die

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