Monday Musings: May Writing & Podcast Review

I have completed one week of summer break, and I’m feeling great. My podcast is back for season two, so check out the first two episodes of the season. Also, here are the articles I wrote last month. Enjoy!

5/30/2019 Dear Mrs. Smith
5/29/2019 Why I’m Unapologetically Pro School Choice
5/26/2019 Educators, It’s Okay to be Firm with Kindergarten Students
5/14/2019 National School Charter Week: Purdue Polytechnic High School
5/10/2019 Black Teachers Matter
5/6/2019 Five Ways to Show Teachers You Care During Teacher Appreciation Week
5/5/2019 Parents, Have Your Children Caught You Reading?
5/4/2019 Let Your Kids Read Comic Books!
5/3/2019 Parents, Don’t Let Up During the Last Month of the School Year
5/1/2019 Indiana’s Kindergarten Entry Date Will Change for the Upcoming School Year
5/29/2019 Copyright Violations in the Classroom: When Beg, Borrow, and Steal Turns into a Crime

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