Monday Musings: January Writing Review

I can’t believe one month of the year is already in the books. Wow, that was fast. Although the time went fast, I was busy recording for my podcast Brazen Education and writing education articles throughout January. Check out my work below!

1/31/2019 Mentors Matters
1/29/2019 Educators Should Not Justify Blackface
1/24/2019 School Choice is about Doing What is Best for Your Children: It is Not about Public Charter Schools Vs. Traditional Public Schools
1/21/2019 My Dream for My Children
1/20/2019 What is Happening in Catholic Schools?
1/19/2019 If We are Going to Shut Down the Government, Shut it Down to Build Up Our Schools, Not to Build a Wall
1/15/2019 Parents, What is Your Family’s Academic Plan?
1/13/2019 Parents, Instead of Participating in #SurvivingRKelly Conversations Online, Have Body Safety Talks with Your Children
1/10/2019 What Will Happen to Indianapolis Schools Slated to Exit State Takeover?
1/8/2019 So You Let Black Boys Wear Dreadlocks, but When are You Going to Stop Kicking Them out of Class?
1/16/2019 The 74: Keeping It 100 Barnes: Changing School Start Times Detracts from More Pressing Issues and Poses Serious Challenges for Some Families
1/14/2019 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Should Not be an Inclement Weather Day

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