Monday Musings: Educator Barnes’ November Review

POPNovember was an intense month, and December, so far, has been the same.  Last Monday, I should have published my November review. Instead, I published last Monday what I should have published today. I blame it on my doctoral program keeping me so busy that I don’t know which way is up on some days.  Nonetheless, here it is.

Check out the 15 articles I wrote in November.  

Education in Our Schools Articles

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11/23/2018 5 Tips for Teachers to Make It to Winter Break
11/22/2018 Stop Romanticizing Thanksgiving
11/21/2018 I’m Not a Costume: The Truth about Thanksgiving and Implementing Diverse Cultures Throughout the School Year
11/19/2018 Winter Break 2018: Winterlights
11/18/2018 If We Want to Diversify Professions, We Have to Provide Mirrors to Our Youth
11/17/2018 Body Safety Education in the Era of #Me Too
11/15/2018 Noblesville School Shooter Sentenced
11/10/2018 Indianapolis Education Association Union President Resigns After Being Accused of Mismanaging $100,000
11/4/2018 Review: Pipeline
11/3/2018 Teachers Who Dress as Mexicans and the Border Wall Have No Place in Education


TER Writer

11/18/2018 Are You a Ticking Time Bomb in The Classroom?

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11/13/2018 I’m a Teacher and I Stopped Saying the Pledge of Allegiance a Long Time Ago


11/27/2018 Barnes: Indianapolis Consolidated Everything But Its Schools – Leaving 11 Different Districts Where Black Children Are Often Left Behind

Education in Our Schools Videos

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I didn’t have time to make any videos this month. Check back during the December review.

GSUrban Gardening Educational Articles

11/22/2018 Thanksgiving Harvest
11/4/2018 Uncle Lindbergh’s Harvest

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