Monday Musings: Educator Barnes’ October Review

POPOctober was a month filled with both joy and sadness. The month started well.  I had an article published where I interviewed my superintendent who recently won superintendent of the year for the state of Indiana.  It was one of the most difficult articles I have written because I knew I would have to edit it for length.  I wanted to ensure I met the length requirements without my superintendent feeling like took him out of context.  I not going to say how many revisions I did to this article to get it right, but I still have a job in the district. All those late nights were worth it.

Then, sorrow came.  My great uncle and fellow gardener Lindbergh Guyse passed away a few days after his 89th birthday party.  I’m glad my school was closed for the last two weeks of October for fall break.  I did not want to begin my fall break with his funeral especially since we already had plans to hang out.  I was supposed to help him in his garden, bring him some harvest from my garden, and return his baking dish I still had at my house.  He made banana pudding for my 35th birthday party.  I had the dish sitting out on my counter so I would remember to take it with me.  A few days after his funeral, I finally put it in my cabinet.

That’s life.  There are ups and down.  Writing has been my constant.  Sometimes I just write for me.  I write words for only my eyes.  I had to do a bit of that for myself in October.  Self-care is important.

Check out the work I shared publicly in October.  

Education in Our Schools Articles

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TER Writer

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Education in Our Schools Videos

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GSUrban Gardening Educational Articles

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I appreciate your readership.  If there is something you would like me to write about or talk about on video about, please let me know.  Thanks!

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