Monday Musings: Educator Barnes’ August Review

POPIf you read my blog “Beginning 35” posted on my birthday, you know I outlined four goals for my 35th year of life.  Goal three is to work on my platform.  For the last several months, my first Monday Musings of each month included links to all the pieces I wrote during the previous month and my reflections about a few of those pieces.  Starting today, I am changing the format to include links to all my work: written pieces, videos, guest spots on podcasts, and links to any work that will be housed under my platform Educator Barnes which includes my garden education work under my Gardener Shicole platform (Shicole is my middle name if you were wondering).

Before we get to the new format, I must address an important issue…

As many of you know, one of the publications I write for is Indy/Ed, an education blog that is part of the Citizen Education network. This network includes blogs in L.A.D.C.NOLA and Memphis.  Citizen Education decided to move our platform from Squarespace to WordPress, which means all of our articles have new URLs.

This is the second time I have written for a publication where my links have disappeared AND I was not informed before it happened.  I should have learned my lesson the first time, but there will not be a third time.  As my work expands, many times people request copies of previous work and this is why there is a publication tab on my website Educator Barnes (EB).  Typically, I just send over the link to my publication page on EB and that is sufficient.  That doesn’t work if all the URLs no longer work.  Moving forward, I will be posting a PDF of any pieces I write.  I’m thinking about not even using the URLs anymore and just the PDFs, but I’m still working that out in my mind.  For now, I will provide both.  I have only updated some of the URLs and added PDFs besides them.  Any Indy/Ed pieces that were written before June 23, 2018, I haven’t fixed yet but I will have all links updated soon.

Here’s my work from August.

Education in Our Schools Articles

indy ed

8/19/2018 If Schools Don’t Like Black Hair, We Shouldn’t Give Them Our Black Children PDF
8/18/2018 Arsenal Tech High School Fight – The Community was Right PDF
8/16/2018 Compensation is the Reason Teachers Hop from District to District in Indy PDF
8/13/2018 To Improve Education, We Need the Entire Story PDF
8/12/2018 If You’re a Struggling Educator, It is Okay to Admit You Need to Find Another Profession PDF
8/5/2018 Teachers, Male or Female, Who Engage in Sex Acts with Children Have No Place in the Classroom PDF

TER Writer

8/10/2018 What Teachers Get Versus What They Need

Education in Our Schools Videos

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8/30/2018 Black with Kids: Teachers, If You Value Us, We Will Support You
8/20/2018 Life as a Black Educator:  When You are Asked to Answer for the Black Race
8/14/2018 Black with Kids:  When Your Child’s Teacher is Afraid of You
8/9/2018 Being Culturally Responsive Starts with Pronouncing Names Correctly

Urban Gardening Educational Articles


8/23/2018 Who’s in Your Garden Network?
8/19/2018 Zucchini & an Apple Slicer?
8/18/2018 Caprese Zucchini Boat
8/16/2018 Pest Problems
8/15/2018 Yummy Carrots Quick


I appreciate your readership.  If there is something you would like me to write or talk on video about, please let me know.  Thanks!

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