Concluding 34

img_5901In about an hour, I will officially be 35.  As I close out my 34th year of life, I am grateful.  Thirty-four was a chill year.  It was a year of growth where I started to become more self-aware of what I had to offer others personally and professionally.

I have had so many opportunities in this last year because people wanted to work with me and to pick my brain.  I always knew I had worth.  I just didn’t realize so many people thought I had something of value to contribute to their work or their goals.

I know every year in life isn’t rosy.  People at my church frequently say, “You are either going into a storm, in a storm, or getting out of a storm.  I hope year 35 is great, but if it isn’t, I believe I have the endurance and the will to overcome.

Check back tomorrow.  I will share my personal goals for year 35.

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