Monday Musings: My May Writing Review

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My first Monday Musings of each month will include links to all the pieces I wrote during the previous month and my reflections about a few of those pieces.

Currently, I am a writer for two publications, Indy/Ed and The Educator’s Room.

Indy/Ed is an education blog that is part of the Citizen Education network. This network includes blogs in L.A.D.C.NOLA and Memphis.

The Educator’s Room is a publication where teachers are empowered as the experts in education.

I am humbled to be part of a two great education publications.

Featured Indy/Ed blog post and my reflection


Don’t Forgot How Important Mothers are in Education 5/13/2018

Mothers play a critical role in a child’s education.  This is not to discount the role of fathers, but many households are led by a single parent who is female and if it is a two-parent home, when it comes to school, the mother many times does the heavy lifting.  

I was super excited to write about my mom last month.  I have interviewed my dad twice for Indy/Ed and I really wanted to either interview my mom this year or write about her.  Mother’s Day seemed like the perfect occasion.  My parents worked well together as a parental unit.  As an adult, I can look back at my childhood and reflect about how they both contributed to who I am today.  I appreciate the day to day grind my mom had to manage to keep us all in line and moving in the right direction.

Indy/Ed May blog posts 

5/5/2018 If Your Child Doesn’t Like to Read, Try Comic Books
5/8/2018 Mrs. Dingman, Thank You for Helping Me Find My Confidence
5/11/2018 National Charter School Week:  IMSA
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5/13/2018 Don’t Forget How Important Mothers are in Education
5/17/2018 Lynhurst Center International Festival
5/20/2018 IPS/IEA 32nd Annual Multicultural Festival
5/21/2018 So, You Graduated. Now What?
5/26/2018 Is a School Boycott a Realistic Way to Change Gun Laws?
5/28/2018 Noblesville School Shooting:  Too Close to Home

Featured article for The Educator’s Room and my reflection

The Hidden Struggles of being a Teacher of Color 5/27/2018

White teachers whose knee-jerk reaction is to run to the principal to report teachers of color about situations that don’t need the involvement of administration are a contributing factor to the difficulty of retaining teachers of color.  If you are a white teacher who has a concern about what your colleague is doing and your colleague is not breaking the law or putting students in danger, your first course of action should be to have a conversation with your colleague to gain a better understanding of the situation.  If that colleague happens to be of color and you are afraid to have a conversation with him or her, then the “problem” you are concerned about is not the problem you need to address.

What I didn’t expect after writing this article was white teachers reaching out to me and thanking me for my transparency.  One white teacher told me my article made her reflect on a situation and what she should have done differently.  These issues can be tough to talk about or read about, but it is worth it even if one person is reached and changed.

The Educator’s Room May Article

5/5/2018 Your Gradebook Should Not be a Punishment Tool
5/27/2018 The Hidden Struggles of being a Teacher of Color

I appreciate your readership.  If there is something you would like me to write about, let me know.


  1. Good pix of Lisa. Sue Wright, DGEDistrict 6580812-285-0211 (H)502-345-3851 (C)

  2. Cuz I Think a lot of kids go to College and have know idea what to major in.I really believe that someone should tell them that the degree they are pursuing will not land them into a high paying job. And secondly someone should explain to College bound children that student loans can hinder them for the rest of their life.Thirdly, Trade Schools and Certifications can allow a person to gain good enough employment to raise a family and possibly obtain a great retirement….
    Also last but not least, life skills need to be tough somewhere in the process of being educated.
    It amazes me that some College age children don’t know how to balance a check book… Credit Cards are a tool of the Devil.

    1. I agree. I think we should prepare all children for college, but not devalue trade school or the military as a valid and good option. College isn’t everything and you can go to college at any time during your life. Later might be better because you can save up and pay along the way instead of accumulating debt. I do believe children need basic skills such as balancing a check book, but I learned that from my dad. I think parents have to step up and teach skills like cooking and money management although balancing a check book could be incorporated into a math course I suppose.

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