National Poetry Month: Educator Barnes Reads – Busy Busy Bee

bee haikuI first stared blogging on my urban gardening website  It was a way to share with my family and friends what I was doing.  Fast forward years later and I created this website to focus on education.  My gardening website is a form of education.  Soon, I will put a link to my gardening site on Educator Barnes.

I grow my own food because it is a tradition in my family and the best way to know how your food is grown and what is going into your body.  My garden is my sanctuary.  It allows me to clear my mind and allows poems to form.  One summer day after I took the photo of this zucchini flower being visited by a bee and I wrote the haiku included on the picture.  That haiku turned into a second poem, called “Busy Busy Bee” which was published in the book Words and Other Wild Things.

Check out the video to hear the poem.

To read more about this poem and the details of the book Words and Other Wild Things, read the blog post below from my urban gardening website.

Gardener Shicole:  Busy Busy Bee

Gardener Shicole:  Busy Busy Bee II




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