We need to do better; Children are watching

Unless you are disconnected from social media, radio and the news, you know about the controversy surrounding the photo of Kathy Griffin holding a severed head in the likeness of President Trump.  Many people have been quick to point out images of a noose around a body in the image of President Obama in an attempt to lessen what Kathy Griffin has done.  The bottom line is, regardless of political affiliation, this is unacceptable behavior.  These adults are sending this message, “If I don’t like someone or I disagree with him or her, it is okay to tell the person to die and wish the person dead.”hate text

Children follow our example whether it is good or bad.  Unfortunately, children are telling other children online to die or kill themselves.  Some, overwhelmed by these hurtful words, have taken their own lives.

We need to show children that it is okay to disagree or even not like someone, but still respect them as a human being.  Children need to know the tongue can speak life or death.  Disagreements and conflicts are part of life, but the other part is responding in the right manner.  Children should see us engaging in conflict by supporting our side with facts without name calling or levying threats.  If you cannot change a person’s mind, work towards other solutions.

We must do better whether we are famous or not.  If we continue down this path where we wish people dead or provide images depicting the death of a person, we will raise a society of children who will also engage in this behavior and possibly take words into action.

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