Book Review: Leadership and Self Deception

Lleadership-and-self-deceptioneadership and Self Deception:  getting out of the box by The Arbinger Institute helps readers understand how businesses and organizations struggle or fall apart when people are decieved to their true motivations.  These revelations unfold by following Tom Callum, a new employee at Zagrum.  After two months of employment, it was time for his one-on-one meeting with the executive vice president Bud.   During his meeting with Bud, Tom learns to analyze his actions, thoughts, and motivations.

“An in-the-box organization is filled with people who are focused on themselves and on being justified.  Imagine, in contrast, an organization where everyone is focused on others and on achieving results.”  It is hard to read this book without stopping to reflect on your own actions and motivations.  This book helped me understand why I took certain steps in the past and which new steps I should take in the future at work and at home.  What I appreciate most about this book is the honesty.  It’s not a –if you do this everything will be fine sort of book — it explains how difficult it is to change and how you will sometime regress to previous behaviors.  You will finish this book with the self awareness of how you are self-deceptive and that’s key!

Rating 5/5


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