The Educator’s Room Articles

TER Writer


December 2017, I joined The Educator’s Room team of writers.  Below, you can read the articles I have written for TER thus far.


11/18/2018 Are You a Ticking Time Bomb in The Classroom?
10/10/2018 A Conversation with Dr. Jeff Butts, 2019 Indiana Superintendent of the Year
9/23/2018 3 Reasons to Burn Reading Logs
9/16/2018 Social Media: Should You Friend and Follow Your Colleagues?
8/10/2018 What Teachers Get Versus What They Need
7/21/2018 Why I Took My Work Email App Off of My Cell Phone
7/17/2018 If You Want to Survive, Find Your Teacher Tribe
7/16/2018 This teacher says, “Your momma needs to talk to me not through you.”
6/30/2018 Teachers, Don’t Spend All Summer in PD; Practice Some Self-Care
5/27/2018 The Hidden Struggles of being a Teacher of Color
5/5/2018 Your Gradebook Should Not be a Punishment Tool
4/19/2018 Are Elementary Teachers Jacks of All Trade or Masters of None?
3/6/2018 Coaching Displaced Teachers
3/3/2018 Are the Kids Alright?  Student Reflections on School Shootings
2/4/2018 Reflection:  World Hijab Day and Teaching
2/4/2018 Where’s Waldo?  The Case of the Missing Principal
1/14/2018 Extinguish the Flame and Stop Burning the Midnight Oil
1/7/2018 Is 2018 the Year for You to Teach at a New School?
1/3/2018 Despite the Teacher Shortage, Some Teachers Need to be Coached out of the Profession
12/17/2017 #Me Too – When Students Sexually Harass Teachers
12/3/2017 Dear Administrators:  Don’t Move Ineffective Teachers to a Lower Grade; Help Them Improve