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ieJanuary 2017, I began writing for Indy/Ed, an education publication that is part of the Citizen Education network.  I am humbled to be part of a network of educators and parents who are advocates for the least of these in the world of education.

Below, you can read my 2018 Indy/Ed articles.  Click here to read my 2017 articles including my viral piece, “Teachers Quit Principals, Not Schools” which has been viewed over 1,000,000 times.

NOTE: August 2018, Indy/Ed moved its platform to another site.  If you have saved a link to an article it will no longer work.  Moving forward, I will only share PDFs or videos of my Indy/Ed pieces on my website. I appreciate your readership and I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. 

10/15/2018 When the Bully is Your Teacher
10/10/2018 Adults Need to be Role Models in Helping Children Develop Mental Resilience
10/5/2018 World Teachers’ Day 2018 – Every Child Deserves an Education from a Qualified Teacher
10/2/2018 National Custodial Worker’s Appreciation Day (VIDEO)
9/26/2018 College Application Day
9/25/2018 Banning Books Silences Stories and It Kills a Love of Reading
9/24/2018 Say and Spell My Name Correctly Challenge (VIDEO)
9/23/2018 Do Fountas and Pinnell Care if Children of Color and Poor Children Can Read?
9/21/2018 Cafeteria Food Sucks for All Students, so When are We Going to Address This Issue in Schools?
9/20/2018 If We Don’t Support the Whole Child, Violence in School Will Continue
9/19/2018 Should Corporal Punishment Make a Comeback in Schools?
9/15/2018 School Leaders Need to Pay Attention to World Afro Day
9/2/2018 Regulating Black Hair is a Way to Control Black People & Traumatize Black Children (VIDEO)
9/1/2018 Black with Kids:  When Will Having a Black Teacher Become the Norm Not the Exception? (VIDEO)
8/30/2018 Black with Kids:  Teachers, If You Value Us, We Will Support You (VIDEO)
8/20/2018 Life as a Black Educator:  When You are Asked to Answer for the Black Race (VIDEO)
8/19/2018 If Schools Don’t Like Black Hair, We Shouldn’t Give Them Our Black Children
8/18/2018 Arsenal Tech High School Fight – The Community was Right
8/16/2018 Compensation is the Reason Teachers Hop from District to District in Indy
8/14/2018 Black With Kids:  When Your Child’s Teacher is Afraid of You (VIDEO)
8/13/2018 To Improve Education, We Need the Entire Story
8/12/2018 If You’re a Struggling Educator, It is Okay to Admit You Need to Find Another Profession
8/9/2018 Being Culturally Responsive Starts with Pronouncing Names Correctly (VIDEO)
8/5/2018 Teachers, Male or Female, Who Engage in Sex Acts with Children Have No Place in the Classroom
7/31/2018 ISBA Provides Guidance to Support Indiana Metal Detector Program
7/31/2018 Black With Kids:  We Have to Build Up Our Black Children Because the World Won’t
7/28/2018 Dear Elementary Teachers, Stop Taking Away Recess
7/27/2018 Teachers Need to Dress Professionally
7/24/2018 Parents, Have You Prepared Your Child for Next School Year?
7/17/2018 It Isn’t in My Blood to Walk Away from Education
7/13/2018 Smiling Faces are Sometimes White Allies Who Don’t Tell the Truth
7/8/2018 How Parents Can Partner with Their Child’s Teacher
7/6/2018 Address Old Issues before Implementing New School Models
7/4/2018 What, to People of Color & Immigrants, is your 4th of July?
6/29/2018 Four Reasons Teacher Harriet from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is Awesome.
6/28/2018 Want to Find a Good School? Pay Attention to Where Teachers Send Their Kids.
6/27/2018 Departing IPS Teacher Leader Answers Your Questions
6/23/2018 Why This Teacher Leader is Leaving IPS
6/19/2018 Juneteenth:  Children Should Learn about this Day in School
6/17/2018 “At Least You Are in the Picture” – A Father’s Day Reflection
6/16/2018 Black with Kids: Representation Matters so be Intentional about It
6/11/2018 Mental Health Remains Stigmatized in the Black Community While Black Youth Continue to Die from Suicide
6/7/2018 What’s in a Name? Identity!
6/3/2018 Ethnic Studies Course Feedback is Needed
5/28/2018 Noblesville School Shooting:  Too Close to Home
5/26/2018 Is a School Boycott a Realistic Way to Change Gun Laws?
5/21/2018 So, You Graduated. Now What?
5/20/2018 IPS/IEA 32nd Annual Multicultural Festival
5/17/2018 Lynhurst Center International Festival
5/13/2018 Don’t Forget How Important Mothers are in Education
5/11/2018 Broad Ripple Rockets Forever
5/11/2018 National Charter School Week:  IMSA
5/8/2018 Mrs. Dingman, Thank You for Helping Me Find My Confidence
5/5/2018 If Your Child Doesn’t Like to Read, Try Comic Books
4/30/2018 El día de los niños/El día de los libros
4/26/2018 New Law Kicks Some Indiana Kindergartners to the Curb
4/19/2018 Why I Write: Shawnta S. Barnes
4/11/2018 National Library Week
4/8/2018 Your Spiritual Leader Does Not Need to Be Your Educational Leader
4/4/2018 Dr. King’s Assassination 50 Years Later:  Looking Back and Moving Forward, George Geder’s Perspective
4/4/2018 Dr. King’s Assassination 50 Years Later:  Looking Back and Moving Forward, Sue Wright’s Perspective
4/3/2018 Dr. King’s Assassination 50 Years Later:  Looking Back and Moving Forward, Mildred Guyse’s Perspective
4/3/2018 Dr. King’s Assassination 50 Years Later:  Looking Back and Moving Forward, James Stockton’s Perspective
4/2/2018 Dr. King’s Assassination 50 Years Later:  Looking Back and Moving Forward
3/24/2018 Is it White Flight or Class Flight?
3/22/2018 Phenomenal Indiana Woman:  Cherie Sanders
3/20/2018 Does DeVos Really Want a Safe and Nurturing Environment for All Students?
3/15/2018 Phenomenal Indiana Woman:  Nikia D. Garland
3/14/2018 Student Activists Should Be Well Informed
3/11/2018 Read Across America Day Should Not be Celebrated on Dr. Seuss’ Birthday
3/9/2018 Get Racist Teachers out of the Classroom
3/7/2018 Phenomenal Indiana Woman:  Shavonne L. Holton
3/6/2018 Educator Barnes Speaks to the Indiana Senate about School Discipline
3/1/2018 Five Lessons I Learned from Michelle Obama
2/25/2018 #ArmMeWith Respect!
2/20/2018 We Need Wakandan Principles in Our Society
2/16/2018 Whose Child Has to Die for Gun Reform to Take Place?
2/11/2018 Indianapolis Celebrates Frederick Douglass’ 200th Birthday
2/9/2018 National School Counseling Week:  Jennifer Schaffer
2/8/2018 Are We Building Up Our Black Children to be Young, Gifted and Black?
2/4/2018 Take Your Child to the Library Day
2/2/2018 Indiana is One of Eight States Where Parents Pay Textbook Fees.  When Will This Change?
2/1/2018 World Read Aloud Day 2018
2/1/2018 Crafting Policy Takes Time, but Nothing Will Change Unless You Get Involved in the Process
1/26/2018 School Choice Week:  Stop Shifting the Focus from Great Schools for All
1/24/2018 Indianapolis Classical Schools Show How Choice Can Create Diverse Schools (originally published on Education Post)
1/23/2018 We Must Hold Each Other Accountable for Our Children’s Education
1/21/2018 More Educators of Color Need to be Involved in Education Policy
1/19/2018 Is Your School District Graduating All Students at a High Rate?
1/15/2018 We Need More Dreamers
1/12/2018 Innovation Restart:  Potential Partner Presentation
1/10/2018 Dear President Trump, Children Aren’t Bargaining Chips
1/6/2018 Do We Need to Mandate Cursive Writing or Should We Mandate Keyboarding Instead?
1/3/2018 DeVos’ Department Gives Feedback in Response to Indiana’s ESSA plan