Indy K12 Articles

indy k12January 2017, I began writing for Indy K12 (formerly called Indy/Ed), an education publication that is part of the Citizen Education network.  I am humbled to be part of a network of educators and parents who are advocates for the least of these in the world of education.

Below, you can read my 2018 Indy K12 articles.  Click here to read my 2017 articles including my viral piece, “Teachers Quit Principals, Not Schools” which has been viewed over 1,000,000 times.

11/22/2018 Stop Romanticizing Thanksgiving
11/21/2018 I’m Not a Costume: The Truth about Thanksgiving and Implementing Diverse Cultures Throughout the School Year
11/19/2018 Winter Break 2018: Winterlights
11/18/2018 If We Want to Diversify Professions, We Have to Provide Mirrors to Our Youth
11/17/2018 Body Safety Education in the Era of #Me Too
11/15/2018 Noblesville School Shooter Sentenced
11/10/2018 Indianapolis Education Association Union President Resigns After Being Accused of Mismanaging $100,000
11/4/2018 Review: Pipeline
11/3/2018 Teachers Who Dress as Mexicans and the Border Wall Have No Place in Education
10/26/2018 Birthday Invitation Policy Gives Students False Sense of Reality
10/25/2018 College Goal Sunday
10/24/2018 Do Schools Need a Book Character Day in October?
10/20/2018 Is the Student Lazy or Does the Student Have Dyslexia?
10/19/2018 Parents are Needed to Help Students Deal with Bullying (VIDEO)
10/18/2018 5 Tips to Have a Successful Parent/Teacher Conference
10/15/2018 When the Bully is Your Teacher
10/10/2018 Adults Need to be Role Models in Helping Children Develop Mental Resilience
10/5/2018 World Teachers’ Day 2018 – Every Child Deserves an Education from a Qualified Teacher
10/2/2018 National Custodial Worker’s Appreciation Day (VIDEO)
9/26/2018 College Application Day
9/25/2018 Banning Books Silences Stories and It Kills a Love of Reading
9/24/2018 Say and Spell My Name Correctly Challenge (VIDEO)
9/23/2018 Do Fountas and Pinnell Care if Children of Color and Poor Children Can Read?
9/21/2018 Cafeteria Food Sucks for All Students, so When are We Going to Address This Issue in Schools?
9/20/2018 If We Don’t Support the Whole Child, Violence in School Will Continue
9/19/2018 Should Corporal Punishment Make a Comeback in Schools?
9/15/2018 School Leaders Need to Pay Attention to World Afro Day
9/2/2018 Regulating Black Hair is a Way to Control Black People & Traumatize Black Children (VIDEO)
9/1/2018 Black with Kids:  When Will Having a Black Teacher Become the Norm Not the Exception? (VIDEO)
8/30/2018 Black with Kids:  Teachers, If You Value Us, We Will Support You (VIDEO)
8/20/2018 Life as a Black Educator:  When You are Asked to Answer for the Black Race (VIDEO)
8/19/2018 If Schools Don’t Like Black Hair, We Shouldn’t Give Them Our Black Children
8/18/2018 Arsenal Tech High School Fight – The Community was Right
8/16/2018 Compensation is the Reason Teachers Hop from District to District in Indy
8/14/2018 Black With Kids:  When Your Child’s Teacher is Afraid of You (VIDEO)
8/13/2018 To Improve Education, We Need the Entire Story
8/12/2018 If You’re a Struggling Educator, It is Okay to Admit You Need to Find Another Profession
8/9/2018 Being Culturally Responsive Starts with Pronouncing Names Correctly (VIDEO)
8/5/2018 Teachers, Male or Female, Who Engage in Sex Acts with Children Have No Place in the Classroom
7/31/2018 ISBA Provides Guidance to Support Indiana Metal Detector Program
7/31/2018 Black With Kids:  We Have to Build Up Our Black Children Because the World Won’t
7/28/2018 Dear Elementary Teachers, Stop Taking Away Recess
7/27/2018 Teachers Need to Dress Professionally
7/24/2018 Parents, Have You Prepared Your Child for Next School Year?
7/17/2018 It Isn’t in My Blood to Walk Away from Education
7/13/2018 Smiling Faces are Sometimes White Allies Who Don’t Tell the Truth
7/8/2018 How Parents Can Partner with Their Child’s Teacher
7/6/2018 Address Old Issues before Implementing New School Models
7/4/2018 What, to People of Color & Immigrants, is your 4th of July?
6/29/2018 Four Reasons Teacher Harriet from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is Awesome.
6/28/2018 Want to Find a Good School? Pay Attention to Where Teachers Send Their Kids.
6/27/2018 Departing IPS Teacher Leader Answers Your Questions
6/23/2018 Why This Teacher Leader is Leaving IPS
6/19/2018 Juneteenth:  Children Should Learn about this Day in School
6/17/2018 “At Least You Are in the Picture” – A Father’s Day Reflection
6/16/2018 Black with Kids: Representation Matters so be Intentional about It
6/11/2018 Mental Health Remains Stigmatized in the Black Community While Black Youth Continue to Die from Suicide
6/7/2018 What’s in a Name? Identity!
6/3/2018 Ethnic Studies Course Feedback is Needed
5/28/2018 Noblesville School Shooting:  Too Close to Home
5/26/2018 Is a School Boycott a Realistic Way to Change Gun Laws?
5/21/2018 So, You Graduated. Now What?
5/20/2018 IPS/IEA 32nd Annual Multicultural Festival
5/17/2018 Lynhurst Center International Festival
5/13/2018 Don’t Forget How Important Mothers are in Education
5/11/2018 Broad Ripple Rockets Forever
5/11/2018 National Charter School Week:  IMSA
5/8/2018 Mrs. Dingman, Thank You for Helping Me Find My Confidence
5/5/2018 If Your Child Doesn’t Like to Read, Try Comic Books
4/30/2018 El día de los niños/El día de los libros
4/26/2018 New Law Kicks Some Indiana Kindergartners to the Curb
4/19/2018 Why I Write: Shawnta S. Barnes
4/11/2018 National Library Week
4/8/2018 Your Spiritual Leader Does Not Need to Be Your Educational Leader
4/4/2018 Dr. King’s Assassination 50 Years Later:  Looking Back and Moving Forward, George Geder’s Perspective
4/4/2018 Dr. King’s Assassination 50 Years Later:  Looking Back and Moving Forward, Sue Wright’s Perspective
4/3/2018 Dr. King’s Assassination 50 Years Later:  Looking Back and Moving Forward, Mildred Guyse’s Perspective
4/3/2018 Dr. King’s Assassination 50 Years Later:  Looking Back and Moving Forward, James Stockton’s Perspective
4/2/2018 Dr. King’s Assassination 50 Years Later:  Looking Back and Moving Forward
3/24/2018 Is it White Flight or Class Flight?
3/22/2018 Phenomenal Indiana Woman:  Cherie Sanders
3/20/2018 Does DeVos Really Want a Safe and Nurturing Environment for All Students?
3/15/2018 Phenomenal Indiana Woman:  Nikia D. Garland
3/14/2018 Student Activists Should Be Well Informed
3/11/2018 Read Across America Day Should Not be Celebrated on Dr. Seuss’ Birthday
3/9/2018 Get Racist Teachers out of the Classroom
3/7/2018 Phenomenal Indiana Woman:  Shavonne L. Holton
3/6/2018 Educator Barnes Speaks to the Indiana Senate about School Discipline
3/1/2018 Five Lessons I Learned from Michelle Obama
2/25/2018 #ArmMeWith Respect!
2/20/2018 We Need Wakandan Principles in Our Society
2/16/2018 Whose Child Has to Die for Gun Reform to Take Place?
2/11/2018 Indianapolis Celebrates Frederick Douglass’ 200th Birthday
2/9/2018 National School Counseling Week:  Jennifer Schaffer
2/8/2018 Are We Building Up Our Black Children to be Young, Gifted and Black?
2/4/2018 Take Your Child to the Library Day
2/2/2018 Indiana is One of Eight States Where Parents Pay Textbook Fees.  When Will This Change?
2/1/2018 World Read Aloud Day 2018
2/1/2018 Crafting Policy Takes Time, but Nothing Will Change Unless You Get Involved in the Process
1/26/2018 School Choice Week:  Stop Shifting the Focus from Great Schools for All
1/24/2018 Indianapolis Classical Schools Show How Choice Can Create Diverse Schools (originally published on Education Post)
1/23/2018 We Must Hold Each Other Accountable for Our Children’s Education
1/21/2018 More Educators of Color Need to be Involved in Education Policy
1/19/2018 Is Your School District Graduating All Students at a High Rate?
1/15/2018 We Need More Dreamers
1/12/2018 Innovation Restart:  Potential Partner Presentation
1/10/2018 Dear President Trump, Children Aren’t Bargaining Chips
1/6/2018 Do We Need to Mandate Cursive Writing or Should We Mandate Keyboarding Instead?
1/3/2018 DeVos’ Department Gives Feedback in Response to Indiana’s ESSA plan