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January 2017, I began writing for Indy K12 (formerly called Indy/Ed), an education publication that is part of the Citizen Education network.  I am humbled to be part of a network of educators and parents who are advocates for the least of these in the world of education.

Below, you can read my 2019 Indy K12 articles.

11/24/2019 Teacher Confessions: A Student Threatened to Kill Me and was in My Class the Next Day
11/20/2019 Teachers Can Fight for Higher Pay without Attacking Charters and Canceling School
11/17/2019 Teacher Confessions: I Love and I Hate Red for Ed
11/11/2019 Veterans Day: Enlistment Should be Promoted as a Viable Post-Secondary Option
11/10/2019 We are Still Here: The Importance of Native American Heritage Month
11/3/2019 Teacher, Do You See Me?
10/30/2019 If You Implement What Black Teachers Want, They Will Stay
10/28/2019 Be Mindful about Halloween Celebrations at School
10/24/2019 Why Teachers Need to Check Job Boards Even When They Aren’t Looking for a Job
10/22/2019 Teacher Confessions: I’ve Never Followed Any Curriculum with Fidelity
10/21/2019 Using Chosen Names and Pronouns for Students is Important
10/20/2019 Parents Need to Observe Their Children at School
10/14/2019 Taking Back the Narrative: Indigenous Peoples’ Day
10/10/2019 The Stigma of Mental Health in the Black Community & the Increase in Black Children Suicide
10/5/2019 World Teachers’ Day 2019
10/3/2019 Finding the Truth Behind a Student’s Lie
9/26/2019 Parents, Are Your Prepared for School Conference Time?
9/25/2019 When Your Child Becomes a Victim of Bullying
9/22/2019 Indiana College Go! Week
9/21/2019 Why is Black Hair Still Being Policed?
9/15/2019 When Teachers Traumatize Students at School
9/13/2019 Teachers Need to Keep High Expectations Even When There’s a Full Moon
9/11/2019 9/11: Tackling Tough Topics in the Classroom
9/8/2019 Grandparent Support is Needed in Education
9/5/2019 No Matter the Assessment, Indiana Schools Struggle to Close the Achievement Gap
9/3/2019 Give Students the Freedom to Choose What They Read
8/31/2019 How School Gardening Can Benefit Children Outside of the Classroom
8/29/2019 Parents, Here’s How You Can Help with Homework
8/26/2019 Parents, Stop Complaining about Community Classroom Supplies
8/23/2019 Are We Maximizing Every Minute for Instruction Minute at the Expense of Building Strong Student Relationships?
8/20/2019 Indiana Teacher Compensation Commission: “We are tired of telling you how to fix teacher pay.”
8/17/2019 Using Toni Morrison’s Picture Books in the Classroom
8/12/2019 Frontloading Vocabulary is a Key to Reading Comprehension
8/11/2019 Hard to Staff Schools and TFA Tears
8/10/2019 Who is Really in the Teaching Trenches?
8/3/2019 School Leaders Need to get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable
7/26/2019 A Final Ask: Please Acknowledge the Indianapolis Teachers Society
7/23/2019 Former Indianapolis Teachers Union President Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement
7/22/2019 Mental Health Days for Students
7/21/2019 Don’t Bring Back Desegregation Busing
7/20/2019 Transitioning to a New School as a Veteran Teacher
7/19/2019 The Benefits of Living Near Your School
7/18/2019 Preparing Your Child for Next School Year
7/14/2019 Teachers Do You Have a Plan to Avoid Burnout for the Upcoming School Year?
7/13/2019 Should Teachers also Drive the School Bus?
7/9/2019 “Not My Ariel” Sound Similar to “Not Those Schools”
6/29/2019 African-American Excellence in Education Awards
6/23/2019 Catholic School Takes Stance Against Firing Gay Teacher during Pride Month
6/22/2019 Opinion: Aleesia Johnson Can Move IPS in the Right Direction
6/20/2019 Interview:  Lloyd Wright, the New Principal of Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School
6/19/2019 When Will Juneteenth Come for Black Students?
6/18/2019 What is a Good School?
6/15/2019 IPS Releases Names of Superintendent Candidates
6/11/2019 What Schools Can Learn from the SZA Sephora Incident
6/8/2019 Creating a Literacy-Rich Environment for Your Children
6/7/2019 Let’s Keep it 100; Summer Reading is Important
5/30/2019 Dear Mrs. Smith
5/29/2019 Why I’m Unapologetically Pro School Choice
5/26/2019 Educators, It’s Okay to be Firm with Kindergarten Students
5/14/2019 National School Charter Week: Purdue Polytechnic High School
5/10/2019 Black Teachers Matter
5/6/2019 Five Ways to Show Teachers You Care During Teacher Appreciation Week
5/5/2019 Parents, Have Your Children Caught You Reading?
5/4/2019 Let Your Kids Read Comic Books!
5/3/2019 Parents, Don’t Let Up During the Last Month of the School Year
5/1/2019 Indiana’s Kindergarten Entry Date Will Change for the Upcoming School Year
4/28/2019 Stop Policing Black Students’ Hair
4/28/2019 Summer Reading is Essential to Student Success
4/27/2019 What Will It Take to Address the Teacher Shortage in STEM Subjects and Special Education?
4/25/2019 I Won’t Stop Writing, Even If It Cost Me My Job
4/23/2019 Give Special Area and Elective Teachers the Respect They Deserve
4/17/2019 When Lesson Plans Go Wrong
4/14/2019 Principals, If Your Teachers Want to Leave, Let Them Go
4/11/2019 IPS Receives $1 Million Donation
4/9/2019 Removing a Teacher Licensure Exam as a Requirement Doesn’t Address Why Some Teachers of Color Aren’t Passing
4/8/2019 Your School’s Library Should be the Heart of Your School’s Community
3/26/2019 When School Discipline Goes Wrong
3/25/2019 Lawmakers Approve Bill To Improve Safety of Students Who Ride the Bus
3/24/2019 Relax Teachers and Enjoy Your Spring Break
3/22/2019 Indiana Educators Shot with Fake Bullets to Prepare for School Shootings
3/19/2019 Teachers, Keep Going
3/17/2019 Don’t Forget the Unsung Heroes of Women’s History Month
3/15/2019 How are We Empowering Girls in the Classroom?
3/13/2019 A Stolen Education
3/9/2019 When Schools Retaliate Against Teachers, Everyone Loses
3/6/2019 You Have to Teach Behavior Just Like You Teach Academics
2/26/2019 Educators, When Black History Month Comes to an End, Continue to Use Diverse Texts
2/22/2019 Battle of the Books Pros and Cons. Is This Competition Really Worth the Time?
2/21/2019 Teachers, Stop Provoking Students
2/20/2019 When Kids are Traumatized at School
2/19/2019 Beyond Black History Month
2/18/2019 Governor Holcomb, Where are the Teachers on Your Teacher Compensation Commission?
2/17/2019 Literacy and Libraries are Intertwined, so Why do Schools Keep Cutting Librarian Jobs Especially in Schools Where Students are Mostly of Color?
2/14/2019 Build a Love of Reading on International Book Giving Day
2/6/2019 Elwood, Indiana Superintendent Resigns
2/1/2019 World Read Aloud Day 2019
1/31/2019 Mentors Matters
1/29/2019 Educators Should Not Justify Blackface
1/24/2019 School Choice is about Doing What is Best for Your Children: It is Not about Public Charter Schools Vs. Traditional Public Schools
1/21/2019 My Dream for My Children
1/20/2019 What is Happening in Catholic Schools?
1/19/2019 If We are Going to Shut Down the Government, Shut it Down to Build Up Our Schools, Not to Build a Wall
1/15/2019 Parents, What is Your Family’s Academic Plan?
1/13/2019 Parents, Instead of Participating in #SurvivingRKelly Conversations Online, Have Body Safety Talks with Your Children
1/10/2019 What Will Happen to Indianapolis Schools Slated to Exit State Takeover?
1/8/2019 So You Let Black Boys Wear Dreadlocks, but When are You Going to Stop Kicking Them out of Class?

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