Educator Barnes’ Top 10 Blog Posts – 2018

ThanksYes, I am an education writer for Indy K12 and The Educator’s Room.  I also write pieces for other publications, but there is nothing like having my own site where I can write completely unfiltered.  I made a commitment this year to write at least three times each month on my education website.  I met or exceeded that goal each month. If you don’t believe me, feel free to check.

Having my own little spot on the internet allows me to share my thoughts that might not be timely enough to be published by an education publication or thoughts that might not fit into the direction the publication is going.

Check out my top ten most read blog posts from 2018.  Let me know what topics you would like me to tackle in 2019. Thanks for reading!

~Educator Barnes (Shawnta S. Barnes or Gardener Shicole or whatever name I feel like writing under that day!)

10. Monday Musings: MLK Day Should Not be Used as a Snow Makeup Day

9. Monday Musings: Obtaining a New Teaching Job

8. Monday Musings: My February Writing Review

7. Monday Musings: The Ugly Truth about Choosing a School for Your Children

6. Monday Musings: Educator Barnes’ August Review

5. Monday Musings: Know When to Take a Break

4. Racism is Why Most Black People Can’t Swim

3. Tuesdays Thoughts: Spare the Rod; Spoil the Child is Not in the Bible so Stop Using it to Justify Your Discipline Practices

2. Monday Musings: My Higher Ed Journey

1. The Use of Dr. Seuss Text – Should his racist cartoons stop us from using his books?



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