Book Review: Stop the Bus

stopNathaniel A. Turner, JD, MALS, the man behind The Raising Supaman Project, has written the book Stop the Bus which contains brief essays about areas of reform needed in education.  There are 31 essays, each two-three pages long, allowing the reader to consider one area of education each day of the month.

The brevity of each essay lends itself to the direct and urgent tone Turner brings about the dire straights of the American education system.  His Day 12 essay, “Help Everyone” challenges the notion that, “you can’t help everyone” when it comes to education.  His Day 15 essay reminds the reader, we have no more time to waste getting education reform right.

Each essay leaves you wanting more, but it also leaves you with a spark or challenges a prior belief you may have had about our education system.  I highly encourage anyone who is ready to engage in the hard work of improving education for all students to read this book and use it as a launching pad for your work.

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